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Any gearbox brand. Any repair.

Emergency repair for all major gearbox, gear drive,
speed reducer and speed increaser brands.

Let Quality Reducer Service return your broken gearbox or other drive assembly to like new operation and appearance fast.

Why QRS? We're industrial gearbox experts and we service ALL major industrial gearbox brands and types. In fact, it's our ONLY business. As a result, we offer you expertise and capabilities few can match - from our fully-equipped 150,000 square foot machine shop that can accommodate virtually any size assembly to the best technicians in the business backed by the latest technology and testing equipment.

Here's a partial listing of the many gearbox brands and models we service:

Falk, Rexnord, Link Belt Gear Box Repairs
Concentric - Falk's UltraMax® Gear Drives, Conveyor - Falk Alignment-Free™ Drives, Gearmotor - Falk Ultramite® Gearmotor Drives, Falk "Y" Series Gear Drives, Falk Marine Gear Drives, Falk RAM® Mixer Drives, Parallel & Right Angle Shaft - Falk A+Plus® Gear Drives, Rexnord Planetgear™ Speed Reducers, Falk Quadrive® Shaft Mounted Drives, Falk Drive One®, Worm - Falk Omnibox® Gear Drives, Link-Belt PIV, Link-Belt 407D, Link-Belt CDBL, Link-Belt DHB, Link-Belt DTB.

Chicago Gear - D.O. James Gear Box Repairs
Standard H-Line Gearboxes and Custom Assemblies.

Cleveland Gear Box Repairs
Heavy Duty Speed Reducers, Single Worm, Helical Worm, Double Worm and Single Reduction Worm Gear Speed Reducers, Single through Quadruple Reduction, Helical and Bevel Helical Speed Reducers, Shaft Mount Reducers, Modular Speed Reducers, Single and Double Reduction Drives, Double Reduction, E-Line Speed Reducers, Modular Fan-Cooled Speed Reducers, Millennium Gear Drives, Single, Helical Worm and Double Reduction Speed Reducers.

Foote Jones Gear Box Repairs
Uni-Power™ Small Concentric Speed Reducers and Gearmotors, Line-O-Power™ Concentric Shaft Reducers, Shaft Mounts, Helical Gear Reducers, Max-Power™ Spiral Bevel and Parallel Shaft Reducers, Hy-Power™ Worm Gear Reducer.

Philadelphia Mixing Solutions Gear Box Repairs
PVE Series Mixer Drives and Gearboxes, Raven Right Angle Vertical-Entry Mixer.

Horsburgh & Scott Gear Box Repairs
Enclosed Gear Drives, Single Reduction, Double Reduction, Triple Reduction, Right Angle Helical/Bevel, Planetary Gearboxes.

Reliance, Dodge, Baldor Gear Box Repairs
Tigear-2 Speed Reducers, Torque Arm II Shaft Mount Reducer, Screw Conveyor Drive Reducers, Dodge Quantis Gearmotors and Reducers, MagnaGear XTR, Dodge Maxum, Concentric Speed Reducers.

SEW Eurodrive Gear Box Repairs
Standard Gearmotors, Helical Gear Units/Helical Gearmotors, RX series, R Series, Parallel Shaft Helical Gear Units/Parallel Shaft Helical Gearmotors, F Series, Helical Bevel Gear Units/Helical Bevel Gearmotors, H Series, Spiroplane Gearmotors, W Series, Varigear / Varimotor Variable Speed Gearmotors.

Nuttall Gear & Delroyd Gear Box Repairs
Westinghouse Reducers, Westinghouse Gearbox, Delroyd Worm Gear, Vertical and Horizontal Drives, Speed Reducers, and Speed Increasers.

Cone Drive Gear Box Repairs
Worm Gear Reducers, Worm Gear Model HP, Right Angle Worm Gear, Worm Gear DuoDrive (Pinch Roll), Extruder Drive Worm Gear Reducer.

Textron Power Transmission Gear Box Repairs
Double Enveloping Worm Gearboxes, Hollow Shaft Gearboxes, Series W - Right Angle Servo Gearbox, Model RG - Right Angle Servo Gearbox, Series P - Inline Servo Gearbox Planetary, Series E - Inline Servo Gearbox.

Sumitomo Gear Box Repairs
Astero® Inline and Right Angle Gearmotor, Cyclo®, Cyclo® Bevel, Seisa Planetary, Beier® Variator, Hyponic® Right Angle, Paramax® Parallel and Right Angle Drives.

Vari-Master Gear Box Repairs
Varimaster Gearbox.

Lightnin Mixers Gear Box Repairs
Series 700 Mixers, Series 800 Mixers, Gear Drives.

Dorris Gear Drive Repairs
900 Series, 1200 Series, 1800 Series, 2800 Series, 3800 Series, 5800 Series, 8300 Series, 8500 Series, 9100 Series, 9300 Series, 9500 Series, 9900 Series, 10000 Series, Dorris TR Shaft Mount Drives Speed Reducers, Screw Conveyor Gear Drives, Shaft Mount Gear Drives Speed Reducers.

Dresser Gear Box Repairs.

Browning Gear Box Repairs
Speed Reducers, Helical Speed Reducers, Screw Conveyor Drives, Right Angle Gearboxes and Right Angle Speed Reducers, Series 7000 Gearmotors and Reducers, In-line Helical Gear Drives.

Radicon & David Brown Gear Box Repairs
Right Angle Gear Reducer, Worm Gear, Custom Gear Reducer, Right Angle Worm Gear Reducer, In-line Gear Reducer, Shaft-Mounted Gear Reducer, Helical Gear Reducer.

Gebogen Gear Box Repairs.

United Engineering Gear Box Repairs.

Morse Gear Box Repairs
Shaft Mounted Gearbox, Double Output Shaft Gearbox.

Hub City Gear Box Repairs
HERA™ High Efficiency Right Angle Gear Drives, Worm Gear Speed Reducers, Spartan™ Aluminum Worm Gear Drives, Bevel Gear Drives, Parallel Shaft Drives, PowerTorque™ Shaft Mount Reducers, Helical or Spur Gearing, Spiral or Straight Bevel Gearing, Single, Double and Triple Reduction, Poweratio® 2000, Poweratio® 4000.

Boston Gear Box Repairs
Worm Gear Speed Reducers, Helical, Bevel, In-line, Right Angle, 700 Series Worm Gear Speed Reducers, 800 Series Helical Gear Drives, 600 Series Bevel Gear Drives.

Nord Gear Box Repairs
QRS is a Nord Authorized Repair Center - Nord Gear Drives, UNICASE helical bevel geared motor, Helical Inline, Clincher Shaft Mount, NORDBLOC, Helical Bevel, 92 Bevel, FLEXBLOC.

Renold Gear Box Repairs
jPM Series Wormgear Unit, PM Series - PB Type, PM Series - PH Type, PM Series - PW Type, WM Series Single Reduction, Double Reduction, WM Series Metric, TW Series - (Titan): Wormgear unit, single reduction, HC Series - (Hercules): Bevel Helical Gear Unit, HL Series Worm Gear Unit.

Ohio Gear Box Repairs
Uniline & Versaline Speed Reducers, D Series (1-6) Worm Gear, DHH-2 Helical, DOX Style Worm Gear, HH Series Helical Gear, HH-O / DHH-O Helical Gear, RA Series Bevel Gear, Uniline Series 2133 - 2525 Worm Gear, VOT Style.

Electra-Gear & Grove Gear Box Repairs
Electra-Gear EL Series Aluminum Gear Reducers, Electra-Gear Ratio Multipliers, LeCENTRIC™ Aluminum Inline Gear Reducers, Grove Gear IRONMAN Worm Gear Reducers, Grove Gear IRONMAN ALL-STAINLESS Reducers.

Winkopp Gear Box Repairs
Winkopp Variators.

Peerless Winsmith Gear Box Repairs
D-90 SE (single enveloping) and D-90 DE (double enveloping) Worm Gearboxes, Worm Gear Reducers, 941 Helical Primary, Metric C-Face Reducers.

Western Gear Works, Pacific Western, Westech Gear Box Repairs
Single Reduction, Gear Reducers, Speed Reducers, Motor Reducers, S Series, D Series.

Chemineer Gear Box Repairs
Prochem MD Series Mixers, Model 20 HT/GT Agitators, Mixers.

Hampton Gear Box Repairs
Right Angle Wormgear Reducers, Right Angle Wormgear Reducers, R-Inline Gearmotors and C-Face Reducers, Makishinko Right Angle Wormgear Reducers.

Cotta Gear Box Repairs
Speed Increasers and Reducers.

And more!

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